The Smoking Resistor website is a geared toward the DIY electronics hobbyist. The website name is similar to the common phrase the “Smoking Gun”.  It is a search for the final answer.  In reference to those of us that build prototype electronics, we’ve all had a smoking resistor which leads on a quest to find the source of the problem.  I’ve destroyed my share of equipment over the years due to careless mistakes and realize that eventually it happens to the best of us who are in the labs doing the work.  So, if you haven’t burned up anything lately, then you must not be doing any work.   I expect this website will be as much about making mistakes and discovering what does and does not work.

Who am I?

I am an electrical engineer doing research and development for a large company in California.  Occasionally, I get involved in some interesting experiments that I would like to carry on outside of the workplace.  I plan to use this website as a sounding board for some of my crazy ideas.  I’ll try to keep these pages up to date, but between family, friends and work that will be a challenge!