Distraction #37


Finally finished my Si7013 temperature/humidity sensor breakout board. Not long ago my TX4U sensor failed for my LaCrosse weather station. I went to buy a new one and they wanted $50 for it! Of course my initial reaction on everything is I should build one! So, another distraction begins and I built up a small Si7013 breakout board that is 5V compatible. It would have been much easier to purchase an existing temperature/humidity breakout board, but where’s the fun in that! Here’s the Arduino code on GitHub and schematic for anybody who’s interested. Now I just need to modulate the signal and tie into a 433Mhz transmitter (distraction# 38).

Why is this post labeled distraction# 37? Over the past year, I’ve started a list of projects that I wanted to build and the list has continued to grow out of control. All these little projects that I want to work on are really distractions from working my GPS projects. This particular distraction happened to be number 37 on my list and I figured it was small enough that I could knock it out of my way quickly.