Pyralux LF9120R 6″x6″


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Pyralux LF9120R is a flexible copper sheet laminated to a Kapton film. Now you can make your own flexible circuits at home! Many of you have seen my Pyralux video on Youtube and have been asking where to buy the material. Now it’s finally available to everybody!

The Pyralux material can be etched the same as a copper clad FR4 board using your favorite etching solution. When you’re all done, simply cut the circuit out with a pair of scissors. The Kapton can handle the high heat required for soldering, so adding components and soldering it all together is no different than rigid printed circuit boards.

The LF9120R is 1oz copper laminated to a 2mil sheet of Kapton film. This material is sold in 6″ x 6″ squares.


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