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Teensy GPS CAN Bus
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Teensy 3.1 GPS Shield CAN Bus


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Product Description

Industry leading 50Hz update rate!

Introducing the Teensy 3.1 GPS Shield that uses the SkyTraq Venus838FLPx GPS receiver module.  SkyTraq has the fastest consumer grade GPS receiver available!  It has the industry leading 50Hz update rate, very fast and accurate position/speed response, suitable for UAV, RC plane flight logging, and high-performance race car or speed boat data logging applications. This module can also be set to run at lower data rates down to 1 Hz. Antenna sold separately!

The Teensy GPS shield also includes a 9DOF sensor, CAN Transceiver and can log data to a MicroSD card.  The data logger can be easily configured to log only the data you want.  We’ve provided a convenient method for generating your customized configuration files here!

GPS Features

  • 50 Hz Maximum Update Rate
  • I2C, SPI Interface
  • Supports optional lithium battery backup
  • Support QZSS, SBAS
  • 16 million time-frequency hypothesis testing per sec
  • -148dBm cold start sensitivity
  • -165dBm tracking sensitivity
  • 29 second cold start TTFF
  • 3.5 second TTFF with AGPS
  • 1 second hot start
  • 2.5m CEP accuracy
  • Multipath detection and suppression
  • Jamming detection and mitigation
  • 7-day extended ephemeris AGPS

Teensy GPS Shield Datasheet v1.1
Teensy GPS Software Description
Github Software
Teensy GPS Shield Schematic
App Notes AN0026_v3
App Notes I2C AN0031_v3

I2C Firmware
I2C NMEA Sample Code

Additional Information

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 10 x 6.5 x 1 cm

No DSUB9 Connector, With DSUB9 Connector


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